Indian medics stoned by mob as they search for coronavirus patients

Health workers stoned by locals as they look for infected patients in India

This is the moment angry locals pelted doctors with rocks and metal poles as they searched for people infected with Covid-19.

Health workers wearing protective equipment were filmed being chased down a narrow lane in the Tattpatti Bakhal district of Indore, India. Two doctors were injured and had to be rescued by police.

Local sources say the incident was triggered by a misunderstanding over how coronavirus is spread. One of the medics said: ‘We went searching for a local suspect which then enraged the locals from the area and they started chasing us by pelting stones.’

Officers from Chhatripura police station said four people have since been arrested over yesterday’s terrifying attack. Indore is one of the worst hit cities in the Madhya Pradesh province, accounting for 76 of the region’s 99 coronavirus cases.

India reported its biggest daily rise yesterday as 386 more people were confirmed as having caught the virus, bringing the national total up to 2,032. The country’s death toll now stands at 58.

Last week India’s 1.3 billion residents were put on ‘total lockdown’ for at least 21 days, putting almost a fifth of the world’s population into confinement.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not address whether any service providers would be exempt, but said ‘all steps have been taken by central and state government to ensure supply of essential items’.

The ministry of home affairs said essential services including grocery shopes, banks, ATMs and petrol stations will remain open. It said no more than 20 people will be permitted to attend funerals.

Chennai police officer Rajesh Babu has come up with an unconventional way to persuade people to stay indoors.

He has been donning a red helmet that looks like the coronavirus to spook motorists as he pulls them over.