Dez Bryant, Dak Prescott are the latest to send bad message regarding the pandemic

I’m a big fan of Dak Prescott. But I’m not a big fan of anyone who fails to practice social distancing or otherwise comply with federal or state guidelines regarding the importance of staying at home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And with lives on the line, I’m not going to shut up when someone with a high profile sets a horrible example.

Yesterday, it was Lamar Jackson, Hollywood Brown, and Antonio Brown. Today, it’s a quintet of players, including Dez Bryant and Dak Prescott. They worked out together away from their homes, and they were photographed arm in arm and in close proximity.

Folks, this is the biggest public-health crisis of our lifetimes. Even if everyone does everything they’re supposed to do, at least 100,000 American will die. The more that people deviate from the requirements, the more people will die. And the more that people see photos of athletes acting like nothing is going on, those who look up to those athletes will think that nothing is going on. And they’ll behave accordingly.

So, please, stay home. Practice social distancing. Even if the virus doesn’t harm or kill you, the more it spreads the more it will harm or kill others.